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Do you have property that's worn and tattered, and you want to give it a second life? Start by having Gagliardi Painting Contractor LLC go over the interior and exterior thoroughly with our expert paint services. We'll work closely with you to get your vision on what you want the end result to be and will always pay attention to detail, so we can deliver on a final product that is worthy of your vision. Give us a call today.
Exterior painting services in East Haven

Exterior Painting

First impressions mean everything, so make sure the facade of your home or business is sharp and pristine. New paint and its particular color can make all the difference when it comes to welcoming guests into your home or enticing customers to your business. Let Gagliardi Painting Contractor LLC help you pick out the right shades of paint to make your property stand out against all the rest in the neighborhood. With over 38 years of experience, we'll be able to use our expert knowledge to help you make wise choices.

Interior Painting

The interior of your property must match the exterior of it in order to produce a fully impressive effect, so have us do your interior painting and wallpapering as well. Whether just one room or all rooms need repainting, our hardworking painters will go over every inch, so your property looks like it's a newly built one again. We have a wide variety of paint colors and wallpapers in stock, so we'll be able to match the color of the previous coat of paint if so you wish.

Add Value to Your Property

If you've been thinking about selling your home or business, the current condition of it may be holding you back from maximizing on a good sale. By investing in a professional paint job by Gagliardi Painting Contractor LLC, you'll add much more curb appeal to your property, which can in turn make its value rise by a significant amount. Consider having your home or business completely repainted before listing it for sale. You'll see a good return if you do.
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